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World Class Dentistry in a Friendly, Small Town Atmosphere This is Central Kansas Care from Dr. Kurt Williams

Looking for a Dental Office with the “Skill to Fix Your Grill?”

Come to Central Kansas’ Dentist — Dr. Kurt Williams

Are you looking for a “different” dental office? Are you tired of being told what you need? Are you thinking that it is finally your turn to get your mouth healthy? Is it time to give your mouth an upgrade? Have you ever thought one or all of these thoughts but simply can’t bring yourself to walk through a Dentist’s front door?

Give Dr. Kurt Williams of Central Kansas Dentistry, P.A. a try.

Your Opinion Matters

Our approach to your dental health is different. First, we start with making a plan. During this process, we ask you questions to figure out what is important to you. We actually listen to what you want — and we incorporate your wants into a plan to help you get exactly what you want. We know you aren’t an expert on how to fix teeth; that’s where we come in. But, you do know what you want your teeth to look like when they are restored! You do know how long you want your restored teeth to last! And, you do know how you want them to feel! Finally, you do know how you want to be treated during the whole process!

The Biomimetic Approach

There is a revolutionary, gentle way to fix teeth that not many people in this part of the country know about. It is called “Biomimetic Dentistry“. Restoring teeth the “Biomimetic” way helps you avoid crowns, avoid root canals, avoid tooth loss, and helps you to save lots of your hard-earned money over the lifetime of the tooth that needs restored. The term “Biomimetic” means to mimic biology, or in this case . . . your tooth. Instead of amputating healthy tooth structure to provide a restoration like a crown does (like traditional dentistry), the biomimetic-restored tooth keeps as much natural tooth as possible.

The best kept secret is that Dr. Williams is the only Dentist in the entire state of Kansas that is certified by the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry as an expert in restoring teeth in this way! He has been restoring teeth this way since 2008.

Our Dentistry Brings Life to Your Smile!

Bringing life to your smile is why we practice the dentistry we do. We are here to help the most damaged smiles–the most fearful people–find the confidence and life-affirming power of a bright, full and healthy smile.

If this sounds like the care you have been looking for, give us a call! We help patients like you from all over Central Kansas and beyond – many of our patients drive from many towns away to experience our unique dentistry!


  • I have had work done since I was really young. I had braces for six years, then gum surgery and then, in high school, I had veneers.I trust Dr. Williams and his staff. I have never had any pain in the chair – never. I was never satisfied with my smile; I knew that it could look better and that they could make it better. Now I love my smile and I get compliments on it all the time. I love that my teeth look so natural, that people never ask where I got my veneers done. Instead, people just tell me my smile is gorgeous. Since I have had so much work done, the staff has become sort of like a family and Dr. Williams is like a father. Wait, that’s right, he is my father!

    - Chelsea
  • My teeth were in pretty rough shape. My choices were limited – it was either go through this process or go for dentures. I had crowns and a couple of bridges were necessary. I was confident and as comfortable as you can be during something like this. The office is nice and the care was wonderful. I have been to my share of dental offices in my life and in some you felt a little ignored or shoved back, but in this office, all you have to do is look a certain way and someone is checking to see if you need anything! Now that the work is completed, I am happy with my smile. Now my biggest concern is how to make this last the rest of my life!

    - Rob
  • I saw Dr. William’s website – I had lost some teeth during chemo treatments and was feeling self-conscious about my smile. Dr. Williams made payment really easy and I knew was going to get a great smile afterwards so choosing him to do my work was easy. I was never really apprehensive about my choice. I felt confident about everything I had read on the website and once I met the staff I knew they were great. Now I have my smile back and more confidence in myself.

    - Ron
  • I needed dental work done – I had partials that were hooked on other teeth that were going bad – and my dentist was retiring. When I heard about Dr. Williams, I decided to come here. I had implants and some crowns. I was nervous but they give you these little pills that help you relax. I felt fine, even though it was a very long procedure (in fact, Dr. Williams said it was the most teeth he had ever done in one sitting) but I was never uncomfortable. The staff and Dr. Williams couldn’t be nicer. I am so happy with the results and with my care that I would recommend them… and I have!

    - Betty
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Williams for a while! We used to go to Salina but when Dr. Williams opened up here, we went to him right away. He was so convenient to us and we heard great reports about him. I had quite a lot of work done and all the while, I was really comfortable. I just put myself in their hands; just trusted them to get my work done. I don’t remember ever hurting. The doctor and his staff are absolutely awesome – helpful, polite caring – they are OK!

    - Dorothy
  • My teeth were very bad, so when a friend recommended Dr. Williams I was relieved to find someone I could trust. I had implants and some teeth fixed on top. Sure, I was nervous but that went away very quickly – I didn’t have one problem. Everyone was so friendly – they are good people. And they are friendly all the time, not just one time! I was treated very well and they did a great job. I was really amazed. Now I am very happy with my smile.

    - Gene
  • My teeth were ok but I didn’t love them. When I heard an ad on the radio for Central Kansas Dentistry, I decided to give them a try. I went to the office with an idea that I wanted veneers… and once they talked to me about it and explained the process, I decided to go ahead and do it right away! The procedure was very comfortable. Now I feel more confident and I smile a lot more. The staff and Dr. Williams are so nice. I would absolutely recommend this practice to anyone.

    - Shelby
  • My nephew’s girlfriend worked with Dr. Williams and she talked me into seeing him. My teeth were worn out and were getting where they hurt more and more. I actually hadn’t been to a dentist since I was 18 and I chewed tobacco. When I had a heat stroke, I quit chewing and decided it was time to have something done for my smile so I could eat for the rest of my life. Dr. Williams put caps over my worn out teeth and replaced all my worn-out fillings. I was very apprehensive but he has a wonderful staff. They make you feel warm the minute you walk into the office. Everyone cares and they made me feel comfortable. The procedure was painless – painless! Dr. Williams is a great guy and does wonderful work. I would recommend him to anybody!

    - Ed
  • I was having difficulty biting a sandwich or a hamburger, because my teeth were worn. I had heard about Dr. Williams and the veneers that he had done for folks and I had seen the results. People told me that I would love doctor Williams, that he never causes pain, so I wasn’t apprehensive. My experience with both the doctor and his staff was wonderful. I like that when you walk into his office you feel very comfortable and at home. It doesn’t feel at all like you are walking into a dental office. Not at all! I love my teeth – I get lots of compliments.

    - Cherie
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